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Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Beerus: Who Is Better?

svgMarch 1, 2024BlogGoataku


Talking about Goku vs Beerus is like talking about true friends near and dear ones. They belong to the world of dragon ball. The world where they have amazing power and fight to protect friends and the universe.

Who Is the Best Goku Vs Beerus?

About Goku:

Goku is considered the Main character of Dragon Ball. He belongs to the powerful Warrior range as he is a Saiyan.  Goku is also famous for his looks, orange outfit, and spiky hair.  Goku has a super strong appearance. He maintains such a strong body through his determination, practice, and hard work.   He gets knowledge about Ultra Instinct, a super duper powerful form of fighting that lets Goku fight without any fear.


Goku is a super strong powerful form Goku can be used to fight against very strong Enemies without any fear. Ultra instinct is not a very easy task to control. Goku needs to be very focused. There is also a need to let the body move without thinking too much about what to do. Controlling power is very hard because people usually need to think about what they want to do. It is an old saying that when Goku uses ultra-instinct his eyes turn silver. The appearance looks different from the normal; the color of the hair also changes to Shiny silver.

Goku is the only one who can use Ultra instinct.  There is a lot for the strong character to learn from it. It is not an easy task. A lot of effort and training is needed. When he used the Ultra instinct for the first time everyone was amazed no one could believe how powerful he could become.  His amazing achievement makes his friend very surprised. Goku does not always use the Ultra instinct; he saves it when he needs it.  It is like a secret weapon against the opponent in a tough situation. 

Some of his fans think that Ultra instinct is the strongest form Goku has ever had.  They also believe that Goku can easily fight his enemies but Goku still needs to train and get stronger.

About Beerus:

He is also known as the god of destruction in Dragon Ball. Beerus is a creature similar to the cat; he has an outlook of purple skin and big ears. Beerus has been famous for a long time and he is known for his determination and seriousness about his job. He is powerful and has a strong body. Their specialty is that he is capable of balancing the universe by distracting things when it is needed.


His appearance is like a purple cat with a Golden Eye and sharp teeth. He is unique in himself which makes him stand out from the crowd. Beerus has an attendant named this. He is very powerful and helpful to Beerus in many aspects; he always teaches him to become stronger. Beerus is famous for destroying the planet; he never destroys the planet randomly. He only destroys them and feels that they are causing trouble for the universe. Fights with Goku in the DragonBall series where Goku challenges him to a battle.  The battle was quite tough and interesting and the audience was very curious. Goku learned a lot from it. 

Beerus always respects strong fighters, he always looks and appreciates someone powerful enough to fight. He enjoyed the challenges from an opponent who gave him a good fight. Beerus has a symbol on his forehead.   The symbol represents his status as a God of destruction; it also marks his power and authority. He loves to enjoy the challenges and always looks for stronger opponents to test his own skill and physical strength. 

 When Beerus wakes up from a sleep he generally becomes so crazy. The best option is to avoid him when he is in a bad mood. Overall he is a very powerful and energetic character in the DragonBall series known as the god of destruction. He has immense power and responsibility. He is a very complex character because of his interest level. His interaction with other characters, especially Goku, adds special effects to his role in the series. Beerus represents a constant reminder of a balance between creation and devastation in the DragonBall universe.

Goku Vs Beerus

It is very difficult to answer the question that who is best out of both of them as they both have their strength and weaknesses let’s break it down:

Strength of Instinct Goku:

  • Ultra Instinct: Goku can make himself in the form that leads him to fight automatically.  Goku is a famous fighter. He does not need to think about his moves; the practice for years makes Goku’s body so trained to fight.
  • Training: Goku practices for us in the gym to train his body and increase his physical strength.  Goku never fears challenges and loves to face them.  He is determined and consistent toward his goal.
  • Friendship: Goku is friendly and he cares a lot for them. He helps his friends when they want even by putting himself in danger.

Strength of Beerus

  • God of Destruction Power: Beerus is blessed with crazy strong powers as the god of destruction He is capable of destroying the planets just by trapping his fingers.
  • Wisdom: Beerus is a really wise and very kind-hearted person with a good experience of life. He has been famous all around for a very long time for his knowledge of the universe in a detailed way.
  • Intelligence: Beerus has a very smart personality; he always thinks about bigger projects and bigger pictures and wants the best for the universe. He is a very enthusiastic, curious, and kind of person ready to practice new things.

Goku Instinct or Beerus: Who Wins?

It is very difficult to answer the question of who is better as both of them are super strong. Goku with his Ultra Instinct form gets an extra advantage and incredible experience. But  Beerus being a God of destruction has immense power and knowledge of the universe. In the DragonBall series, both Goku and Beerus have fought before. The battle between both of them was a very Epic and memorable movement.


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    Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Beerus: Who Is Better?