Underrated Horror Anime to Watch in 2023-24


10. Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

It's a really dark and depressing anime. Children are mercilessly murdered and tortured throughout the entire show. Even mature audiences may find this show difficult to watch at times due to its intense scenes.

9. Boogiepop Phantom

The anime television series Bugīpoppu wa Warawanai was produced by Madhouse and is based on the Kouhei Kadono light book series of the same name. Despite having some horror aspects, the series feels much more like a thriller.

8. Deadman Wonderland

Because of the graphic violence, this anime is definitely not appropriate for younger audiences, yet it's still one of the best action anime from recent years.

7. Devilman Crybaby

Excellent dark action horror, Devilman Crybaby is definitely not for small children. I found a lot of the graphic content to be frightening than any live-action movie or television show, even when some of it was played for comedy effect. IT is definitely NOT for children.

6. When They Cry: Higurashi

With good cause, it's one of the more well-liked horror anime in the genre. In a field where so many other horror anime series fail, Higurashi stands as a model example.

5. Theatre of Darkness: Yamishibai

An elderly man wearing a yellow mask appears at a kids' playground once a week at 5 p.m. and narrates ghost stories based on Japanese folklore and urban legends. Every week, a fresh story is told by the guy utilizing the age-old Kamishibai technique on the back of his bicycle.

4. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

This series is more of a mystery/romance combination than a horror anime, despite its numerous supernatural themes. Once all of the puzzle pieces fit together, it paints a picture of a love that perseveres through hardship and grief.

3. Paprika Is A Wild Ride For Your Eyeballs

The main themes of the anime's narrative is the characters' inner struggles and their interactions with their anima, shadow, and unconscious selves. Detective Konakawa, one of the main characters, is revealed to have had some sort of struggle in the past through his nightmares.

2. Seoul Station Is A Solid Prequel To A Solid Movie

In the midst of a zombie outbreak in the South Korean capital, a father searches for his daughter who has run away in the suspenseful and action-packed movie Seoul Station.

1. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

The film, which is a "dark future science-fiction romance" by the Japanese producers, is set in a post-nuclear holocaust world in the year 12,090 AD. A young woman employs a mystery vampire hunter who is half human and half vampire to defend her from a powerful vampire lord.